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Documentaire 'Full Signal' nu op DVD verkrijgbaar

De Amerikaanse documentaire 'Full Signal' over de stralingsproblematiek is nu op dvd te verkrijgen.


Bekijk de trailer hier.


De dvd is te verkrijgen hier.



Full Signal Documentary Official Trailer from Full Signal on Vimeo.


"Since 1997 and the onset of GSM telephony, more and more cellular antennas have been popping up in neighborhoods all around the world to support an ever-growing number of cell phone users.


In fact they have become so prolific in some parts of the world that they disappear into the landscape with the same subtlety as cars on the street. And those that don't 'disappear' are cleverly disguised as chimneys, flagpoles, or water towers.


Full Signal talks to scientists around the world who are researching the health effects related to cellular technology; to veteran journalists who have called attention to the issue for decades; to activists who are fighting to regulate the placement of antennas; and to lawyers and law makers who represent the people wanting those antennas regulated.


Filmed in Ten countries and Six US states, Full Signal examines the contradiction between health and finance, one of the many ironies of the fight to regulate antenna placement."