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Calabrië tweede regio in Italië die EHS erkent

Een nieuwe wet in Calabrië, Italië, erkent elektrohypersensitiviteit, samen met fibromyalgie, dit in afwachting dat de aandoeningen erkend worden op nationaal niveau.

- De oprichting van multidisciplinaire klinieken voor de behandeling van deze aandoeningen wordt gestimuleerd. Daartoe wordt er ook een regionaal coördinatiecentrum opgestart.
- Er wordt een regionaal register opgestart.
- Een regionale dag voor elektrohypersensitiviteit wordt ingesteld.
- De president van de regio erkent EHS als een zeer handicaperende, chronische milieu-aandoening.

Na Basilicata is dit de tweede regio in Italië die EHS erkent.

CALABRIA-ITALY: a regional law recognises electrosensitivity: clinics for electrosmog sufferers!

It's a regional law, published in the Telematic Official Bulletin: the Region of Calabria recognises electrosensitivity, the disease of the Third Millennium linked to exposure to electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, smartphones and radio frequencies generated by mobile phone repeaters. Denied inclusion in the Essential Levels of Care last year by the (federal) Ministry of Health, 'pending recognition at a national level', the regional law states, that after Basilicata, Calabria becomes the second region in Italy to recognise the pathological condition in which electrosmog sufferers live, (together with recognition) in the Netherlands and Sweden and with several favourable rulings issued by the judicial system in France.

‘PROVISIONS FOR THE RECOGNITION OF THE SOCIAL RELEVANCE OF FIBROMIALGIA AND ELECTROSENSIBILITY AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF REGIONAL REGISTERS', is the title of the text of the law approved on 12 March 2024 in the Calabrian Regional Council and promulgated by President Roberto Occhiuto, which places electro-sensitivity (EHS) alongside fibromyalgia (FM), both highly disabling chronic environmental diseases. "The Region promotes the establishment at hospital and territorial level of multidisciplinary outpatient clinics dedicated solely to pathologies in which the collaboration of specialist figures is envisaged, for the treatment and management of disease outcomes."



Dedicated outpatient clinics, the establishment of a regional registry and a regional coordination centre with the aim of creating a network of outpatient clinics located at hospital and territorial level, as well as a diagnostic-therapeutic care pathway, and then the establishment of the regional day of the electro-sensitive, set for 12 May each year, recognising 'the significant contribution of the associations and voluntary work that deal with fibromyalgia and electro-sensitivity in the region'. In short, with this law, Calabria is in the vanguard of Italian regions in defending those citizens who are forced to endure the advance of technologies that are unsafe for humanity and the environment as a real torture "on their skin".


In October last year, again in Calabria, a law was approved to set up a register of antennas, announced as 'the most advanced legislation in Italy in this field', for a regional census of radio base stations (which had been planned since 2001), in compliance with the requirements for the environmental and health protection of the population. While in 2020, the mayor of Villa San Giovanni (Reggio Calabria) issued an urgent and contingent ordinance blocking work on the installation of a telephone antenna planned near the home of a citizen with a heart condition: "a serious danger to her health!"

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