Canada: nationale campagne tegen WiFi op school


C4ST Launches Public Health Campaign In Response to School Board's Continued Roll-Out of Wi-Fi in Schools
Good Morning, 

Today we are launching our national campaign in response to the continued roll-out of Wi-Fi in schools across Canada. C4ST is concerned that parents are not being told the whole story about the harmful effects Wi-Fi can have on children.  We have decided to start our campaign in Peel Region and will be handing out an information brochure at an elementary school in Mississauga, ON, on the first day of school. If you live in the area and can join us, that would be great.

Many of you live outside of Ontario. We would ask you to consider leading an effort for a similar focus in your district.

We would work with you to customize a profile page with email ability to Trustees, as well as the information and content below to be relevant to your local school district.

This press release went out this morning Canada wide. (Click here to see the press release)

This is the information brochure we will be handing out. (Click here to see the info brochure)

We have also prepared our response to the FAQ's the Peel Board sent out to all parents regarding Wi-Fi concerns. (Click here to see our responses)

To begin the education campaign, C4ST along with Peel Parents will be handing out information pamphlets at Kenollie public school, 1376 Glenwood Drive, Mississauga, ON from 8:30 am to 9:00 am Tuesday, Sept. 3rd regarding the health risks to children from chronic exposure to wireless radiation.  Please join us if you are a Peel Parent.

You can find more information on this campaign and send a letter to the trustees of the Peel District School Board on the dedicated Peel profile page. (Click here to visit the Peel profile page and send your concerns)

Thank you for your support,

Frank Clegg