Slimme meters

Safety of smart meters contested at Maine hearing - Central Maine Power Co. defends smart meters, but some consumers say the devices harm their health.


Central Maine Power Co. has called its system of more than 600,000 smart meters installed across the state a success, saving customers money and providing them more information about their energy usage. However, opponents of the meters claim the radio-frequency radiation emitted by the wireless meters causes health problems ranging from headaches and fatigue to chest pains.


Several opponents, all from southern Maine, testified at a public hearing Wednesday at the University of Maine at Augusta about health issues they or their family members experienced as a result of the meters.


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Controverse slimme electriciteitsmeters VS: ervaringsverhalen uit Oklahoma


NewsChannel 4 is learning more about nationwide fears involving smart meters and allegations that they can negatively affect your health. According to a group that tracks complaints against smart meters, so far, three states instituted moratoriums on them.


In other states, class action lawsuits were filed and at one time, in California, 47 municipal jurisdictions had demanded a halt to installations of the meters.


The following states have either banned smart meters, have pending legislation against them, or have offered customers the opportunity to opt out. Some for health concerns, others over privacy issues: California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.


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